Isaiah Moler

CEO | President

Hi, My name is Isaiah Moler and I am the CEO of Potassium Studios. I've spent years studying Acting and directing and have taken many classes over many years. I've put a lot of time into this company and hope to make everyone happy. As CEO I striv…

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Niko Musgrave

Head of Photography | Vice President

I am Niko Musgrave. I do voice-over and live acting for Potassium Studios, as well as oversee photography. I have 5 years of theater acting experience. Occasionally, you'll see me on our gaming channel making videos there as w…

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Andrew Arnold

Head-Director | Secretary

I am Andrew Arnold, the Head Director and the creator of Killer Bananas. I am responsible for the quality of all the content that goes onto our main and gaming channels as I am the main editor. I took 3 years of film classes and have 4 y…

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